Unit 6 similar triangles homework 2 similar figures answer key

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1. Angles: <F=<J, <H=<H, <G=<K

Sides: FG/JK, GH/KH, FH/JH

2. 1/4 3. 5/2 4. X=12 5. 122.5 units 6. x=8; y=35 7. X=3 8. x=25 9. x=12 10. x=15 11. X=14 12. x=13

Step-by-step explanation:

2. 4/8 =1/4

3. 10/4=5/2

4. 5x=60(x=12)

5. 7(35)/2: 245/2= 122.5 units

6. x/28= 6/21: 21x=168: x=8

7. 49/14= 9(x+1)/(x+5): 49(x+5)=9(x+1)+14: 49x+245=126x+14: 245-14=126x-49x: 231=77x: x=3

8. 52/91=x+3/2x1: 52(2x-1)= 91(x+3): 104x-52=91x+273: 13x=325: x=25

9. 5x-3/3x+2= 60/40: 60(3x+2)= 40(5x-3): 200x-120=180x+120: 200=180x+120: 20x=240: x=12

10. 168x-280=160x-60: 8x-120: x=15

11. 12/x+1= 32/3x-2: 12(3x-2)= 32(x+1): 36x-24=32x+32: 4x=56: x=14

12. x+4/2x-7= 51/57: 57(x+4)= 51(2x-7): 57x +228=102x-357: -45x = -585: x=13

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There are different types of triangles like 1. Equilateral Triangle: All sides and angles are equal. 2. Isosceles Triangle: Two sides and angles are equal. 3. Scalene Triangle: No sides or angles are equal. 4. Right Triangle: One right angle. 5. Obtuse Triangle: One angle is greater than 90 degrees.

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In mathematics, the triangle formula is a formula that computes the area of a triangle given the lengths of its three sides. The formula is given by A = \sqrt{s(s-a)(s-b)(s-c)} where A is the triangle's area, s is half of the triangle's perimeter (s = (a+b+c)/2), and a, b, and c are the lengths of the triangle's three sides.

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